FAQ: How Old Are Purisma Formation Fossils, Santa Cruz Ca?

How old is the Purisima Formation?

Sedimentation: In contrast to the conglomerates we viewed at Stop #2, the Purisima Formation (mapped as the Drakes Bay Formation in older reports) is a fine-grained marine sedimentary deposit that is latest Miocene to Pliocene in age ( 6-3 million years old ).

Where are the fossils in Santa Cruz?

The best way to find fossils from this formation is at low tide on the beaches below Depot Hill in Capitola, between Capitola Beach and New Brighton Beach. Look to the cliff walls and through boulders and smaller rocks littering the sandy shore.

What type of ancient setting is recorded by the Purisima Formation?

The Purisima Formation is a geologic formation in California. It preserves fossils dating from the Late Miocene to Early Pleistocene.

Where can I find shark teeth in Northern California?

Two rock units that boast a healthy dose of shark teeth are the Sharktooth Hill Bonebed in the Round Mountain Silt near Bakersfield, one of the highest concentrations of fossil shark teeth in the world – and the Santa Margarita Sandstone near Santa Cruz.

Where can I dig for shark teeth in California?

Sharktooth Hill is a famous fossil locality in the Sierra Nevada foothills outside Bakersfield, California. Collectors find fossils of a large number of marine species here from whales to birds, but the iconic fossil is Carcharodon/Carcharocles megalodon.

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Can you find shark teeth in California?

Can I find shark teeth in California? Yes. California is along the coast where the ocean is; therefore, shark teeth must be at the beaches.

Where can you find Megalodon teeth on the beach?

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. (WTVD) — The North Carolina coast is known for many things but, for divers, it is well known as a hot spot for finding giant prehistoric Megalodon teeth.

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