FAQ: What Do You Get When You Buy A Grinder From Santa Cruz Shredder?

Are Santa Cruz Shredder grinders worth it?

Construction. The Santa Cruz Shredder small 4-piece grinder feels good in the hand and is a pleasure to use. All aluminum parts come in an anodized finish which hardens the aluminum making it more resilient against scratches, tooth damage, and thread damage.

How much do grinders sell for?

Grinders range in price, but cheap herb grinders normally range from as little as $10 – $25, while more high-end generally go up to $100, depending on the quality of the materials used.

Where are Santa Cruz grinders made?

The Santa Cruz Shredder is made in the USA, constructed out of aerospace grade aluminum and manufactured using CNC technology. The grinders are anodized which creates a harder surface which is resistant to scratches, thread damage and tooth damage.

Is buying an expensive grinder worth it?

Dont ever buy a grinder with metal teeth in an acrylic top, they are expensive and break. Other than durability and efficiency of grinding, there is nothing that makes an expensive grinder better. A decent grinder is definitely worth it, but I say you get diminishing returns above about $30 or so.

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Is Santa Cruz shredder safe?

– PATENTED NEW TOOTH DESIGN Santa Cruz Shredder is engineered to perfection. Sharp-edged teeth will dull and are full of burrs & tiny flakes of aluminum – constantly falling into your smoking blend. This is not only unhealthy, but toxic to the consumer.

Is Santa Cruz Shredder the Best?

Best Grind Consistency – EVER. Out of every grinder I’ve ever used, testing with a variety of nugs ranging from moist and sticky to rock hard and dense, the Santa Cruz Shredder produces perfectly fluffy ground weed.

Do you have to be 18 to buy a grinder?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy A Grinder? You have to be 18 years of age before you can buy a grinder in many parts of this world. Grinders as a whole are used for many reasons. Some people make use of their grinders to grind meat, spices, herbs, and weed, and many other purposes not mentioned.

Can you buy a grinder at a smoke shop?

You can find grinders at most smoke shops, your local dispensaries, and online from several websites. If you’re a beginner, here are two grinders to start off on. When grinding your weed, you’ll want to check for a fine consistency. A few twists from the grinder and you’ll be ready to start stuffing or rolling.

Can a grinder be used as a sander?

When you need to remove or sand a lot of surface wood away, turning your angle grinder into a sander is the easiest and most cost effective way to do it. You can remove thick surface areas without too much hassles, and at far less cost than you would with a sanding disc or sandpaper.

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Does Berner own Santa Cruz Shredder?

He is teaming up with Santa Cruz Shredder, one of the premier companies in the industry who makes top notch grinders and dabbing accessories. I bought ownership in Santa Cruz Shredder today! Investing in the culture and industry I’m most passionate about is the best feeling ever!” Says Berner.

What is a Santa Cruz Shredder used for?

The Santa Cruz Shredder is the only medical-grade grinder in the world. This means that it can be used by medical marijuana patients which is why the grinders are ultrasonically cleaned with high -frequency sound waves and medical solutions to remove any tiny particles or contaminates from the machining process.

Why are grinders expensive?

Design of the unit. It costs a lot of money to build a coffee grinder from the ground up, and to make sure it is reliable, effective, yet also something people aren’t afraid to keep on their counter. This time and effort ends up going into the final product, causing the price to raise, the more difficult the task.

Are cheap coffee grinders worth it?

Amazingly, inexpensive manual grinders can achieve espresso fineness better than electric grinders three or four times the price. It’ll take an extra bit of elbow grease to grind the coffee so fine, but it’ll truly be as fine as it needs to be.

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