FAQ: Where To Buy Ag13 Battery Santa Cruz?

Is there another number for an AG13 battery?

The Energizer 357/303 replaces all AG13 button cell batteries, which are used in watches, medical equipment, laser pointers and more.

Is battery 357 same as AG13?

AG13 batteries Alkaline Zinc Manganese button batteries are used mainly in watches. Also called LR44, 157, A74 or LR 1154, they are equivalent in size and voltage to the SR44 batteries, also called 357. AG13 or LR44 batteries have a standard voltage of 1.5 volts, and a termination voltage of 0.9 volts.

Are AG13 and 13 batteries the same?

LR1154 (alkaline) or SR1154 (silver-oxide) are button/coin cell batteries 11.6 mm in diameter and 5.4 mm in height. Their capacity depends on the used chemistry, but also a cut-off voltage of the used device. Few notes: – AG13 vs SG13: AG13 should be ‘alkaline G13’ and SG13 should be ‘silver-oxide G13’ battery.

Will 357 battery replace AG13?

High performance, long lasting Energizer 357/303 silver oxide battery in economical bulk packaging. Replaces LR44 AG13 SR44 battery. The Energizer 357/303 is a multi-drain 1.55 Volt silver oxide button cell battery.

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Are AG13 batteries Lithium?

Pack of 12 Lithium Button Cell AG13 Replacement Batteries – 3 Volts.

How long do AG13 batteries last?

Maxell LR44 (A76, AG13) Alkaline 1.5V Button Battery. Dimensions: 11.6 mm x 5.4 mm. Shelf Life: 6-8 Years. Used in monitors, blood pressure cuffs, digital ear thermometers, remote control door openers, calculators, watches, toys, etc.

What Duracell battery is equivalent to AG13?

Duracell 76A 1.5V Alkaline Battery Replacement LR44, CR44, SR44, AG13, A76, PX76.

Which lasts longer alkaline or silver oxide?

1) Silver oxide batteries have a 50% – 100% greater capacity, meaning they last up to twice as long as alkaline batteries. 2) Silver oxide has a relatively slow declining voltage during discharge compared to alkaline, which is preferable for light meters used in cameras and digital calipers.

What are AG13 batteries used for?

LR44/AG13/L1154 battery is a small primary (non-rechargeable) button cell battery commonly found in LED flashlights, digital thermometers, watches, clocks, toys, calculators, remote controls and similar. Some vacuum cleaners use these batteries as motherboard batteries.

Are AG13 and A76 batteries the same?

These batteries are also called AG13, A76 or V13GA batteries. The LR44 battery uses alkaline technology (using zinc and manganese dioxide) with 11.6mm in diameter and 5.4mm thick.

Can I use AG13 instead of ag12?

what is the difference between ag12 and ag13? Answer: Saying their size is different is of little help. Both are 11.6mm diameter.

What battery is compatible with CR1225?

Although battery compartments being able to accept BR1225/CR1225 can accept BR1220/CR1220 batteries, due to the issues with contacts (0.5 mm doesn’t look like a big gap, but ) and worse performances, don’t replace your BR1225/CR1225 battery with BR1220/CR1220 battery.

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