Often asked: How To Register A Sole Proprietorship In Santa Cruz County California?

Do I need a business license in Santa Cruz County?

When a business is located in the unincorporated area of Santa Cruz County and a Fictitious Business Name Statement has been filed, no business license is required. However, if you go into any of the cities in Santa Cruz County to conduct business, you must contact that city to obtain a pro-rated Business License.

How do I get a business license in Santa Cruz CA?

Those wishing to open a business in Santa Cruz, CA will need to obtain a business license tax certificate from the City of Santa Cruz Finance Department. They are located at 809 Center Street, room 101 in Santa Cruz.

How much is a business license in Santa Cruz County?

Most businesses are subject to a basic business license tax of $145.15, plus employees fees of $2.55, $4.95, or $7.40 for each employee depending on the type of business.

How do I file a DBA in Santa Cruz County?

Registering your DBA name is simply the process of letting the state government know that you are doing business as a name other than your personal name or the legal name of your partnership or corporation. You will file your Fictitious Business Name through the Santa Cruz County Clerk’s Office for $40.

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Does UC Santa Cruz have a business program?

Students with interests in business and economics may choose to pursue UCSC majors in economics, business management economics, global economics or the combined major in economics/mathematics.

What is a Fictitious name?

A fictitious name, also known as a “ doing business as” or “dba” name, is a name that is different from your personal name if doing business as a sole proprietorship, or your entity’s legal name, if you have incorporated or otherwise formed a separate legal business entity.

What is a fictitious business name?

Definition: A legal document showing the operating name of a company, as opposed to the legal name of the company. In the case of a corporation, a fictitious business name is any name other than the corporate name stated in its articles of incorporation. This is known as a fictitious business name.

What are the unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County?

Unincorporated areas include Aptos, Ben Lomond, Bonny Doon, Boulder Creek, Brookdale, Corralitos, Davenport, Felton, Freedom, La Selva Beach, Rio Del Mar, Soquel and Zayante. The unincorporated area population is 136,086.

What is a trademark name?

Trade marks A trade mark is your registered brand and is used to distinguish your business from other products and services. A trade mark can be a letter, number, word, phrase, logo, image, sound, movement, shape or scent.

How much does it cost to get a business license in California?

How much does a business license cost in California? Business licenses are administered by cities in California, so prices vary from place to place. Typically, business licenses cost between $50 and $100.

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How much to trademark a business name?

Filing a trademark for your business name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will cost between $225 and $600, plus legal fees. You can register with most states for $50-$150 if you don’t want protection outside your state.

How much to trademark a phrase?

If you have ever asked yourself how much does it cost to trademark a phrase, according to the current fee schedule on the USPTO, trademark registration fees cost $275 per mark per class. If you need an attorney’s assistance, the cost averages around $1,000 to $2,000.

How much are trademarks?

A trademark application via post will involve a fee of $350 per class. A series trademark application will incur a higher fee of $500 per class.

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