Often asked: Im Santa Cruz County Are What Does Rural Residential Mean?

What is a rural residential area?

Rural residential development is the use of rural land for primarily residential purposes. The main source of income is not from an agricultural use of the land. Most rural residential dwellers move there for lifestyle rather than for the land’s productive potential.

What is Su zoning in Santa Cruz County?

One single-family dwelling. “SU” Special Use All uses allowed in the “RA” or “R-1″ zone district provided the use is consistent with the General Plan. All other permitted or conditionally permitted uses provided they are consistent with the General Plan and a Level 5 use approval is obtained.

Can you build a house on RU2 rural landscape?

In rural zones RU1, RU2, RU4 and R5 you need only a CDC to build a new house or to alter or add to a house. In RU3 you need to lodge a DA for approval to build a new house, but you can do alterations and additions as complying development.

Can rural residential be subdivided?

Can you subdivide rural land now? Yes. The minimum lot size requirements for rural subdivision are outlined in councils’ planning rules. Subdivision of rural land can create pressure and expectations to allow new residential dwellings.

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What does special use zone mean?

Cr McCaffery said special uses zoning was important because it identified non-commercial land uses. ”It identifies particular unique uses, schools, hospitals – basically land that doesn’t pay rates. ”Schools have lost their specific zoning and are now permissible in all residential areas. ”

Are tiny homes legal in Santa Cruz County?

Currently in Santa Cruz County, tiny homes on foundations may be used for ADUs or for primary dwelling units. Tiny homes on wheels are considered recreational vehicles (RVs), rather than structures affixed to real property, and are not allowed to be used for permanent habitation, except in designated RV parks.

Do I need a permit for a shed in Santa Cruz County?

A building permit is not required for a shed if ALL of the following criteria are met: No sheds or garages are allowed on vacant parcels. ✓ The new structure does not exceed 120 square feet or exceed one story and 10 feet in height. ✓ It must be non-habitable and unheated or air conditioned.

What does RU2 rural landscape mean?

Zone RU2 Rural Landscape To enable other forms of development that are associated with rural activity and require an isolated location or support tourism and recreation. To minimise the visual impact of vegetation clearing in order to be consistent with the rural character of the locality.

What does Zone RU1 mean?

RU1 Primary Production A rural zone primarily intended to promote agricultural production and environmental protection. In rural areas, particularly land with better soils and conditions for agriculture. RU6 Transition Used to provide a transition between rural areas and regional centres.

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What does Zone RU4 mean?

Zone RU4 Primary Production Small Lots To encourage and promote diversity and employment opportunities in relation to primary industry enterprises, particularly those that require smaller lots or that are more intensive in nature.

Can R2 land be subdivided?

Understand NSW zoning rules Some councils may approve a duplex or additional second dwelling on a block of land zoned R2, if the frontage is right. It’s a good idea to talk with a local surveyor before purchasing a property.

How do you subdivide rural land?

In the majority of cases, you will have to obtain consent from the local Council to subdivide land. This is ordinarily applied for through a development application. Once Council has approved the development application, it will issue a notice of development consent which may include a number of conditions.

What zone can be subdivided?

The Residential Growth Zone is a zone where growth is encouraged. Meaning you have the ability to subdivide your block into smaller lots.

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