Often asked: When To Replace Pivot Axles Santa Cruz?

When should pivot bearings be replaced?

Normally every 12–18 months for the casual once a week rider. But I’ve seen bearings go in 6 months and others last 3 years. Drop that shock out and keep an eye out for yourself.

When to replace bike wheel bearings?

A regular cleaning regime will create water ingress, which means, if the bike is used regularly, it will be free from seizing up. If you feel stiffness in the bike that occasionally suddenly loosens, then it’s time to replace this bearing.

What is Santa Cruz VPP?

Virtual Pivot Point (VPPTM) Suspension Design. VPP™ is designed to work with the best available technology from suspension manufacturers that will be supported long-term. It doesn’t require novelty shocks and hardware that may have dubious long-term support.

How often replace Santa Cruz bearings?

Upper and Lower Link Bearing Replacement – MY17 and MY18 We recommend servicing your links annually or after every 100-150 hours of riding, depending on your riding style and riding conditions.

How does an inner bearing puller work?

They have jaws which grip the outer diameter of the bearing, along with a forcing screw which pushes against the end of the shaft. As the forcing screw is tightened, the jaws force the bearing along the shaft.

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How do you service bushings?

Most bushings are pretty low maintenance and will last years with some simple cleaning and greasing. IGUS bushings for example just need to have their outer surfaces greased as they are installed. When you clean around bushings, they typically just need to be wiped clean, dry & again lightly regreased.

How do you maintain a full suspension mountain bike?

What You Can Do at Home

  1. Clean Your Fork and Shock After Every Ride. Completely clean your fork and rear shock after each and every ride.
  2. Turn Your Bike Upside Down. You can also turn your bike upside down now and then for about 20 minutes at a time.
  3. Install a Mudguard.
  4. Inspect Your Stanchions Regularly.

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