Question: How Far Is Santa Cruz Island From Ventura?

How long is ferry from Ventura to Santa Cruz Island?

Island Packers operates a ferry from Ventura Harbor to Santa Cruz Island once daily. Tickets cost $30 and the journey takes 1h 40m.

How long is the boat ride from Ventura to Anacapa Island?

It’s a 3-hour boat ride each way from Ventura, so day trips are not practical.

How far is Santa Cruz Island from the mainland?

Santa Cruz Island lies about 20 miles from the California mainland coast. At 22 miles long and up to six miles wide, it is the largest of the Channel Islands. Rugged mountains, deep valleys, rocky coast, clean sandy beaches and miles of hiking trails make Santa Cruz Island one of my newest favorite places.

How long does it take from Ventura Harbor to Santa Cruz Island?

Santa Rosa Island Travel Time from Ventura Harbor: Boat trips are 3 hours.

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Which is the best channel island to visit?

These places are best for islands in Channel Islands National Park:

  • Santa Cruz Island.
  • Anacapa Island.
  • Santa Rosa Island.
  • San Miguel Island.
  • Santa Barbara Island.

How much does it cost to go to Channel Islands?

Guidelines and Entrance Information: The park is open 24 hours a day. There is no entrance fee. To visit one of the five islands, you’ll have to take a boat or plane. There are no services on the islands.

Is there cell service on Santa Rosa Island?

Santa Rosa Island is a wild natural area, and your visit may involve some risks. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR CELL PHONE: Cell phone coverage is spotty and unreliable at best on Santa Rosa Island, do not rely on cell coverage for emergencies and it is best to turn your phone on Airplane mode while visiting to save battery life.

How long is the boat ride to Santa Rosa Island?

The Crossing A trip to Santa Rosa from the Ventura Harbor takes approximately two hours if the boat takes the northerly route, two hours and 15 minutes via the smoother and preferred southern route.

Can you fish on Santa Cruz Island?

Fishing is allowed on Santa Cruz Island outside of the marine reserves. Possession of a valid California state fishing license with an ocean enhancement stamp is required and all California Department of Fish and Game regulations apply.

Are there bathrooms on Santa Cruz Island?

If weather permits, many visitors enjoy picnicking on the islands’ beaches. Visitors must bring their own food and water (potable water is available at the Scorpion Canyon Campground on Santa Cruz Island and the Water Canyon Campground on Santa Rosa Island). Public pit toilets are available on all islands.

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Can you stay on Santa Cruz Island?

There are NO services or lodging on the islands. Visitors must bring all their own food and water (potable water is available in the Scorpion Canyon campground on Santa Cruz Island and the Water Canyon campground on Santa Rosa Island).

Can you swim at Santa Cruz Island?

The kelp forests at Santa Cruz are absolutely breathtaking for the adventurous swimmer and snorkeler to explore. Given the isolation of the Channel Islands (20+ miles off the coast of California), we encourage all snorkelers to have prior snorkeling experience and be comfortable swimming in the ocean.

Is Santa Rosa Island Open?

Open: All islands are open for day and overnight visits.

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