Quick Answer: What To Wear Near The Beach Santa Cruz?

What do you wear to a beach getaway?

20 Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas to Make Your Next Trip the Most Stylish Yet:

  1. White Bikini + Fringe Kimono + Straw Tote.
  2. Sherbet-Hue Mini Dress + White Sandals.
  3. Long Sleeve Romper + Ankle Booties + Straw Hat.
  4. Flowy Tiered Midi Dress + Straw Hat.
  5. Animal Print Bikini + Mesh Sarong + Woven Bag.
  6. White Maxi Dress + Sunglasses.

Can you swim in Santa Cruz beaches?

The most popular open water swimming beach in Santa Cruz is Cowell Beach, located on the west side of the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. This small cove is generally protected from the wind by tall cliffs and the setting is idyllic. Main beach and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (shown below).

What shops are on the Santa Cruz Wharf?

Brands include Santa Cruz Skateboards, Santa Cruz Candle Company, Rainbow Sandals, Reef, Body Glove, Ugg, Salty Crew, Pura Vida, Old Guys Rule, and plenty more.

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What do people wear in Santa Cruz in July?


  • Light footwear.
  • Shorts or short pants.
  • If you’re going to the beach, bathing suits, swimwear.
  • Dresses.
  • Sandals.
  • Sunscreen lotion.
  • Long and short sleeve shirts.
  • Skirts.

What do you wear to the beach if you don’t have a swimsuit?

4 Outfit Ideas for the Beach When You Don’t Want to Wear a Swimsuit

  • Outfit details: Maxi Dress | Straw Hat | Straw Tote | Black Flip Flops.
  • Outfit details: T-Shirt Dress | Straw Hat | Straw Tote | Flip Flops.
  • Outfit details: Joggers | Tank Top | Straw Fedora | Straw Tote | Flip Flops.

What should ladies wear to the beach?

A maxi dress is a great example of stylish beach attire. A beach maxi dress can be dressed up with heels or depending on the length of the dress you could wear cute flat sandals. I love this Donna Morgan dress, it’s got a beachy vibe but is classic in style with accordion pleating and the stark white top.

Why is Santa Cruz so cold?

The cold air from the Northwest, combined with the lack of solar heating due to the low clouds, causes the south of the bay to be much colder than Santa Cruz which is protected from the prevailing winds by the Santa Cruz mountains.

Are Santa Cruz beaches cold?

Ocean water along the California coast is never really warm, especially the further up the coast it gets. People do go into the water in Santa Cruz, but not for long periods of time. June also tends to be cooler and foggier. Late September/early October is when we see sunnier/warmer days.

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How much does it cost to park on the Santa Cruz Wharf?

Parking Rates Summer Weekends and Holidays – $1 per 20 minutes, $24 daily maximum. Winter – $1 per hour for first 4 hours, then $2 per hour, $12 max.

What should I wear to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk?

What to Bring to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

  • Drinks – Waters, juice boxes, sodas, etc. (
  • Beach chairs – I prefer the low-to-the-ground beach chairs because I like my legs to be in the sand.
  • Beach blankets.
  • Towels.
  • Beach umbrella.
  • Beach hats, sunglasses, and swimsuits.
  • Sunscreen.

Can you fish at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk?

Midway out, the pier widens to accommodate restaurants, fish markets, tourist shops and bait and tackle shop; all work hard to keep the wharf’s visitors happy. The east side of the pier is reserved for fishing, launching skiff rentals, and boarding the Stagnaro Sportfishing boats which operate out of the pier.

What do people wear in Santa Cruz?

How to Dress Like a Local

  • The Puffy Jacket. The puffy jacket is a year-long staple in Santa Cruz.
  • Flip Flops & Sunglasses. Much like the puffy, flip flops are a four-season statement.
  • The Brewery Sweatshirt.
  • Clogs.
  • The Cozy Sweater & Scarf Combo.
  • The Flannel.

How do you get around Santa Cruz?

How to Get Around Santa Cruz

  1. Public Transportation. Downtown Santa Cruz and the Boardwalk are easily walkable, and everything is within 20 minutes’ walk.
  2. Taxis. If you are skipping between beaches and resort hotels, taxis can be a useful way to get around, but they aren’t cheap.
  3. Car.

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