Quick Answer: Where Can I Rent A Wet Suit In Santa Cruz,?

How much does it cost to rent a wetsuit in Santa Cruz?

Great selection of boards and wetsuits! $20 board rental, $20 wetsuit rental – cheapest board rental in town.

What wetsuit do you need for Santa Cruz?

Wetsuits are required year-round, so consider getting either a 5/4 or a 4/3 full wetsuit; a hood and booties are optional. Although the water is cold for us, it’s a great home for seals, otters and dolphins — and great white sharks.

Can you rent wetsuit?

Most water sports clubs and facilities will supply you with a wetsuit as part of your day with them. There are also many companies who instead of selling wetsuits, will rent them out to you for a fee.

What is the water temp in Santa Cruz?

Water temperature in Santa Cruz today is 61.3°F. Throughout the year, the water temperature in Santa Cruz does not rise above 68°F and therefore is not suitable for comfortable swimming.

Do you need a wetsuit to surf in Santa Cruz?

For starters, the Northern Pacific waters are still cold, but not that cold, during the summer months. You’ll need a wetsuit, but not necessarily boots or a hood.

What is the difference between epoxy and fiberglass surfboards?

The difference between epoxy and fiberglass surfboards comes down to the various substances involved in making them. An epoxy surfboard is made using a polystyrene core and is then coated with an epoxy resin. Epoxy surfboards are newer in technology, weigh less, float better, and are stronger than a fiberglass board.

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How cold is the water at Mission Beach?

Today’s Mission Beach sea temperature is 70 °F.

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