Quick Answer: Which Size Santa Cruz Shredder?

What size Santa Cruz Shredder should I get?

If you’re not a big fan of having a big, honkin’ grinder, then purchasing a medium- size Santa Cruz Shredder is your best bet. It’s just a little over 2″, and is the perfect size for smoking at-home or on-the-go. A four-piece grinder guarantees a bit of future fun because it collects kief in the bottom chamber.

How big is the large Santa Cruz Shredder?

Large 4-piece Black Shredder Large 4 -piece Dimensions: 2-3/4″ Diameter, Height: 2″ This medical-grade anodized aluminum Shredder.

Is Santa Cruz Shredder safe?

– PATENTED NEW TOOTH DESIGN Santa Cruz Shredder is engineered to perfection. Sharp-edged teeth will dull and are full of burrs & tiny flakes of aluminum – constantly falling into your smoking blend. This is not only unhealthy, but toxic to the consumer.

What is Santa Cruz Shredder made out of?

Material. Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are made of anodized aluminum which is scratch-resistant. Anodizing helps prevent not only scratches but also corrosion and failure of thread parts.

Is the Santa Cruz Shredder worth it?

The Santa Cruz Shredder small 4-piece grinder feels good in the hand and is a pleasure to use. All aluminum parts come in an anodized finish which hardens the aluminum making it more resilient against scratches, tooth damage, and thread damage.

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Is Santa Cruz Shredder the Best?

Best Grind Consistency – EVER. Out of every grinder I’ve ever used, testing with a variety of nugs ranging from moist and sticky to rock hard and dense, the Santa Cruz Shredder produces perfectly fluffy ground weed.

Who owns Santa Cruz shredder?

matt h – Owner – Santa Cruz Shredder | LinkedIn.

Are 4 piece grinders worth it?

Although everyone their own preferences it is definitely a no brainer for the serious smoke to invest in a four piece grinder. It can help make sure that the weed you smoke is finely ground up, keeps your kief, stores more herb when you’re on the go, and makes an overall better smoking experience.

When did Santa Cruz shredder start?

Santa Cruz Shredder was founded in 2011 and is known for its use of a patented innovative tooth design that allows the company to make superior grinders.

Where is Santa Cruz shredder made?

Advanced Engineered Products – Grinders & Titanium Tools – Made in USA.

How long does Santa Cruz shredder take to ship?

Please note that most U.S. orders ship within 2-3 business days from receipt. We will send you a separate shipping confirmation e-mail with the tracking number when the order ships.

What is a 4 piece grinder?

Four-Piece Grinders Not only is kief potent, but it also is versatile and can be used at home for an extra kick in your joint, bong, or blunt, added to edibles, or made into rosin. To stack it up from top to bottom, a four-piece grinder consists of a lid, grinding bowl, collection chamber/screen, and a kief chamber.

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