Readers ask: How Old Are You To Get In Free At Santa Cruz?

Are kids free at Santa Cruz Boardwalk?

over a year ago. Yes, for the Kiddie Rides. There is no entry charge for the Boardwalk though. You can purchase a pass online, at a discount, which is the same price for all ages.

How much does it cost to get into Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk?

The Boardwalk is admission-free. If you’d like to take a stroll and enjoy the colorful oceanfront scene, it’s free and open to the public, even when the rides are closed.

Do you have to wear a mask at Santa Cruz Beach?

As of July 19, 2021, the Santa Cruz County Health Officer recommends that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks indoors in public places. Please take our Safety Pledge to protect others and yourself by wearing your mask and social distancing.

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What is there to do in Santa Cruz Covid 19?

Top Attractions in Santa Cruz

  • West Cliff Drive. 1,322. Scenic Drives • Scenic Walking Areas.
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. 3,602. Amusement & Theme Parks.
  • Natural Bridges State Beach. 844. Beaches.
  • Wilder Ranch State Park. 269.
  • Roaring Camp Railroads. 708.
  • Mystery Spot. 1,123.
  • Santa Cruz Wharf. 1,324.
  • Seymour Marine Discovery Center. 253.

Is Santa Cruz Safe 2020?

Santa Cruz is in the 26th percentile for safety, meaning 74% of cities are safer and 26% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to Santa Cruz’s proper boundaries only. The rate of crime in Santa Cruz is 39.62 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

Does Santa Cruz allow dogs?

Dogs are allowed on leash on the north side of the Santa Cruz Harbor at 7th Avenue. Seabright has a ton of sand so there are lots of spots for you and your crew to post up. Views of the Harbor, Walton Lighthouse and Wharf area make this spot a local and visitor favorite.

How much is parking at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk?

Check “hours” at There are two big parking lots accessible along Beach Street, where all-day parking is $15. But they fill up fast. Consider parking at the $10 lot at 701 Ocean St., then taking a free shuttle to the Boardwalk.

Can you ride the rides in Santa Cruz?

Welcome back! Boardwalk rides are open daily to all guests! Buy your Ride Wristband online in advance to save $10! Plan your visit on a weekday to save an additional $10 off the gate price.

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Do you have to Pay for parking at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk?

Four Boardwalk Parking Lots are located across the street from the Boardwalk. Access to all the lots is off Beach Street. Parking Fees: – $15 on ride days, $10 on limited ride days.

Are all rides open at Santa Cruz?

Posted Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 4:13 pm PT Rides at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk are now open daily. At least 15 rides will be open weekdays, while at least 20 rides will be open on weekends and holidays, weather permitting, according to the boardwalk.

Are California beaches open now?

Most beaches in California are reopen as of now. There are more than 1,500 beaches across the state’s 15 coastal counties. The California Coastal Commission has been allowing local officials to make case-by-case decisions, resulting in a mix of restrictions.

Is the Santa Cruz Boardwalk safe?

They will be absolutely safe together. Santa Cruz Boardwalk & Beach has both Amusement Park security guards as well as the Santa Cruz Police patrolling around-all the time.

Is it better to stay in Monterey or Santa Cruz?

Re: Road Trip: Where to stay Monterey or Santa Cruz? Both are good choices. Santa Cruz is more of a classic CA beach town with a surf culture and an eclectic downtown. Its kind of a funky sort of place, a bit off-beat.

Is Santa Cruz worth seeing?

This is a lovely beach town. The wharf is nice. There are hotels as you walk away from the wharf that are nice to eat and watch the scenery.

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What food is Santa Cruz known for?

50 Foods You Must Try in Santa Cruz Before You Die

  • Tacos from Los Gallos Taqueria.
  • Waffles from Silver Spur.
  • Acai Bowl from Cafe Brasil.
  • Slice and T-Shirt from Pizza My Heart.
  • Basic Betty with Sweet Potato Fries from Betty’s Burgers.
  • BBQ Beef from Jia Tella’s Cambodian Cuisine.
  • Roll of the Day from Akira.

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