Readers ask: If You Are Driving From Susanville To Santa Cruz County Where Are Hertz Rentals?

Can you return a Hertz rental car to any location?

Yes, you can return the car to a different location. Usually, this is called “one-way rental”. However, please note that, sometimes, an extra fee may be applied to your reservation.

Why are Hertz locations closed?

COVID-19 Location Closures The safety and well-being of our employees and customers remains our top priority. To better align our operations to the current travel demand and adhere to government mandates, we have temporarily closed or consolidated some of our locations.

Do you have to drop off rental car at different location?

At participating Enterprise rental locations, a vehicle can be rented in one location and returned to another; however, please be advised that: Please book your one way rentals in advance. Rentals that are returned within the same city could be subject to a drop charge, mileage charge, or higher rate.

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Can you drive rental cars anywhere?

Driving a Rental Car Cross-Border There are no are restrictions for driving the vehicle to either the U.S. or Canada. For example, picking up the vehicle in the U.S. and driving to Canada or Canada to the U.S.).

Is it more expensive to drop off a rental car at a different location?

Renting one way is typically more expensive than renting round trip. Your price is broken out into different components: the daily rate (a.k.a. time and mileage), taxes and fees, and a one-way drop charge. The drop fee can vary from one rental-car company to another, and even within a single rental car company.

How much does it cost to return a Hertz rental car to a different location?

A Return Change Fee of $12.99 will be applied if you return the vehicle to a different location from that which was scheduled, or if you return more than 12 hours after the date and time previously scheduled, and you failed to notify Hertz of such a change more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled return time by

Is Hertz going out of business?

Hertz leaves bankruptcy, a year after the pandemic devastated the car rental business. Hertz, an early victim of the pandemic, officially emerged from bankruptcy on Wednesday. Its return coincides with and was made possible in part by a red-hot market for rental cars.

Is Hertz no longer selling cars?

Hertz announced its car sales program will be paused amid bankruptcy Friday. Hertz was able to sell tens of thousands of cars after it filed for bankruptcy, which economists say is a good sign for the nationwide car rental company.

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Is Hertz a good rental company?

According to the J.D. Power North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study 2019, Hertz is the best car rental company scoring 856 points from a 1,000 point scale. The survey looked at factors such as overall customer satisfaction, reservation process, check-in and return process, and airport shuttle service.

How can I rent a car cheap one way?

How to Get a Cheap One-Way Car Rental

  1. Shop around.
  2. Ask AutoSlash for a Quote on a Cheap Car Rental.
  3. Hunt for discounts.
  4. Buy Collision Insurance For Less Than What You’ll Pay at the Rental Counter.
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Which car rental company does not have a drop charge?

Avis: Avis offers a deal for customers looking to rent a vehicle for 12 hours one way from an airport to downtown, with no drop-off fee. However, drop-off fees could apply on other rentals.

What is a drop charge on rental cars?

A drop charge is a fee for picking up a rental car at one location and returning it to a different location. The rental car drop fee varies depending on location and time of year.

Can you drive cross country in a rental car?

Rules in the US In the US, most major national rental car companies don’t restrict driving across state lines. You can book a cross country car rental with unlimited mileage from any of these providers and head to your destination without worrying about incremental fees.

Can I rent a car and drive out of state?

2. Driving your car out of the state. Most companies will let you take your rental out of state, but some may charge extra for the privilege or limit your travel to bordering states. Make sure you ask for the specifics on this policy before you leave the rental counter so as to avoid penalties.

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Can a rental car cross the border?

Most major car rental companies allow their renters to drive the vehicle from the United States to Mexico. However, there are restrictions and only a few locations allow rental cars to cross the border.

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