Readers ask: What Is Santa Cruz Nomad Classified?

What kind of bike is the Santa Cruz Nomad?

The Santa Cruz Nomad is a well-built, high-quality carbon mountain bike with 27.5” wheels and 170mm of travel in both the front and rear. The bike accelerates through corners and excels at descents. Testers were pleased to find the bike available with either a coil or air shock.

Is Santa Cruz Nomad an Enduro bike?

“You want it, you get it.” True to this motto, for 2021 Santa Cruz have completely redesigned one of their most popular enduro bikes, the Nomad. The fifth rendition of the Nomad still rolls on 27.5″ wheels, has 170 mm front- and rear-ravel and relies on Santa Cruz’s popular lower-link suspension platform.

How much travel does a Santa Cruz Nomad have?

Wheel size: 27.5″ Front travel: 170mm. Rear travel: 170mm.

What is the difference between Santa Cruz c and CC?

A quick word on the two types of carbon that Santa Cruz make mountain bikes from. Carbon C is the cheaper. Carbon CC is the more expensive one. Basically Carbon CC weighs a bit less (there’s not much in it admittedly) but is just as strong and stiff as Carbon C.

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What is the Santa Cruz Nomad best for?

Santa Cruz Nomad is an enduro bike built for rowdy descents and long climbs. This is a long and slack bike with 170mm of suspension, a very slack 64° head tube angle that’s perfect for downhills and a steep 78° seat tube angle that provides excellent support on climbs.

How much are Santa Cruz mountain bikes?

Complete bikes range from $2,899 to $10,499.

Where are Santa Cruz bikes made?

The frames Santa Cruz uses for their bikes are made in China and Taiwan. However, all bikes are assembled in Santa Cruz, California, USA and shipped out from the same location.

What is a Nomad bike?

A nomad is a member of a motorcycle club (which may or may not be an outlaw motorcycle club) or similar club who is not a member of a specific charter of the group. A nomad’s territorial rocker, however, will simply say “Nomad” or “Nomads”.

Why is Santa Cruz expensive?

Why are Santa Cruz Bicycles so expensive? – Quora. Santa Cruz bikes only makes mid to high end mountain bikes, offer especially refined designs and generous warranty, and have a boutique/high end image. much spendier than a Diamondback but much less than an Unno..

Are Santa Cruz frames made in China?

Their bikes are suited to a wide range of mountain biking disciplines. Frame fabrication occurs in China and Taiwan, but all bicycles are assembled in Santa Cruz, built to customer specifications just before being shipped out.

Is Santa Cruz the best mountain bike?

Santa Cruz has spent nearly three decades perfecting their range of mountain bikes, so you can be sure that not only is the lineup vast enough to suit most needs, it’ll be of excellent quality as well. In terms of budget, they’re certainly at the higher end of the spectrum, but they deliver serious bikes as a result.

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