Readers ask: What Is The Enrollment Of Santa Cruz City Schools Elementary Students?

How many students go to Santa Cruz City Schools?

The secondary district includes two middle schools, three comprehensive high schools, a continuation school, an independent studies program and a home school program with a combined population of approximately 4,660 students.

How many schools are in Santa Cruz County?

Santa Cruz County School Districts Santa Cruz County is home to 10 public school districts serving about 40,000 students in grades TK-12.

What school district is Santa Cruz?

Scotts Valley Unified School District.

Are schools open in fall 2020 in California?

California parents who clamored to return kids to classrooms largely won that round — public schools will reopen for full-time learning from teachers in classrooms this fall. But with COVID-19 still a threat to the unvaccinated, that doesn’t mean the battle over public education is over.

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