Why Do I Smell Smoke Near Watsonville California 2017?

Why does it smell like smoke Bay Area?

The National Weather Service said “several people in the Bay Area have noted a smoky smell,” and it’s “ likely from wildfires in the Desert SW region.” Nearly 150,000 acres have burned and continue to burn in Arizona for the Telegraph Fire, officials said. It is 59% contained.

Where is the smoke in the air coming from?

KELOLAND’s Chief Meteorologist Jay Trobec says the smoke is coming from fires by Lake Winnipeg in Canada.

Why is Monterey smoky?

Why is there smoke in Monterey? Smoke in Monterey is caused primarily by wildfires along the California west coast and can contribute to elevated air quality index (AQI) levels. Since 1999, Monterey County has experienced 15 large wildfires burning 300 or more acres each.

What is causing the smoke in Sacramento?

Smoke has funneled down the Feather River Canyon and moved into the Sacramento Valley. Stronger north winds will spread smoke to areas south of the fire like Oroville, Yuba City, Davis and Sacramento. Anyone that is sensitive to smoke is advised to limit outdoor activities and remain indoors if possible.

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Why is Bay Area air quality so bad today?

Ground-level ozone, commonly called “smog,” is the major summertime cause of poor air quality in the Bay Area. Microscopically small mixtures of solid particles or liquid droplets that are emitted directly into the air.

Why do I smell smoke?

Unfortunately, some causes of smelling cigarette smoke when nobody is smoking are very serious. “These phantom smells can be caused by damage to the olfactory nerve by chemicals, or infection with a virus or bacteria, or trauma. “A tumor of the brain or the olfactory nerve can also cause phantom smells.

Why is it so smoky in Wichita KS?

The quality is blamed on smoke coming into Kansas from wildfires in western states. The smoke has created a haze over part of the state. The City of Wichita says the air quality index was 154 as of 8:30 a.m. Monday.

What is causing the smoke in Spokane?

Winds are bringing wildfire smoke currently banked against the Cascades into the Spokane area as shifting winds also bring additional smoke from the north, according to the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency.

Why is it so hazy in Austin today?

Today, the air is actually getting warmer as you go above the ground level. This is what we call a “temperature inversion.” The warmer air aloft can trap ground-level ozone and other pollutants near the surface, creating the hazy conditions like we have today.

How bad is smoke in Monterey?

With fires burning in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties, the concentration of smoke has reached levels designated as “moderate” and “unhealthy for sensitive groups” in parts of the Monterey Bay region. Avoid burning anything in your home, even candles.

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Where is the smoke coming from in Monterey?

Smoke transported from wildfires from as far away as Oregon can degrade air quality throughout Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties, causing the concentration of smoke to reach high levels of the Air Quality Index (AQI).

Why is it so smoky in Roseville CA?

Why is it so smoky in Roseville, CA? Wildfires have been the primary source of poor air quality in Roseville and California as a whole during recent history.

How far is the Dixie Fire from Sacramento?

Smoke from the Dixie Fire, the huge wildfire burning just over 100 miles north of Sacramento, is expected to enter the Sacramento Valley Friday and linger through the weekend.

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